Science Communication that works

ScienceCPH turns complex topics into simple, significant articles using text, graphics and live images – always tailored to the target audience.

Our speciality is communication for small businesses on all platforms: websites, SoMe, blogs, videos and printed publications, e.g.

  • Preparation of communication strategies
  • Planning
  • Project management
  • Production
  • Compilation and evaluation

Effective communication requires strategy and planning, so the focus is primarily on long-term customer relationships that provide continuity and the ability to maximize use of the allocated resources.

Sales and exposure are of course keywords – but professionalism is always paramount.

Throughout the years, ScienceCPH has helped convey a myriad of professional issues for a wide range of very different customers.

The typical customer needs help communicating a topic that is difficult or complex either technically or academically. It can be anything from natural science research to metal surface treatment or advanced software solutions.