Awarded Interactive Storytelling

NORDUnet celebrated its 40th anniversary with an interactive publication: “The Power of Nordic Unity – 40 Years with NORDUnet”.

The publication was awarded platinum as BEST DIGITAL PUBLICATION, 2021, in the prestigious MUSE Design Award. The Canadian multi-award-winning design agency, Interactive Bee Media, created the layout and interactivity in the publication, in close collaboration with me as the Project Manager.

The result is a 200-page digital publication, a multi-touch experience containing:

  • Audio, video, animated graphics, and text
  • Many surprises and stunning visuals
  • Describing history
  • Explaining technology
  • Outlining future goals
  • Presenting Nordic collaboration and achievements

I call it “The book of tomorrow” because it allows the readers to easily explore technical and complicated content through “click and learn”, hidden surprises, videos, and audio bites supporting the topic and wrapped up in tempting layouts.

My overall role in the process has been the management of the production in close collaboration with a skilled multi-media designer, and a couple of visionary representatives from NORDUnet. Besides project management, I produced videos, texts, and audio for the book.

Would you like to see more? Download a free copy here. The iBook version has the most interactivity.

NORDUnet’s announcement of the MUSE Design Award
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