Low-cost videos for web and social media

If something is difficult or complex, it’s more fun to have things explained by video than by words.

Video usage has gained a lot of ground, but many are still hesitant to get started, assuming that it’s bound to be super expensive and cumbersome…

No – it doesn’t need to be either of those things.

We work with a concept that we call ‘no nonsense video’. This is how it works:

  • You and your colleagues receive detailed instructions on producing video clips for editing.
  • Grab your phone and record short videos of everything you’re doing that is relevant to your work.
  • Upload the clips to a shared drive.
  • ScienceCPH imports your clips into the editor, trims them into a movie, adds any signs and music and uploads the finished movie directly to your YouTube channel.

This is all it takes to get easily accessible videos, both big and small, on the web and SoMe – without it costing a fortune. Most image databases also have small downloadable videos that can complement your own recordings.

We can, of course, also go out and film for you, if need be.

Examples of videos from ScienceCPH